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Extreme Video of Arianna Sky on Face Fucking

Usually I would go right for the verbal assault on these whores, but Arianna was a cute, friendly broad. She was actually excited about being on Facial Abuse and looked at it as a challenge. Her nice (19) teenage body was a playground for the Jersey Wrecking Crew. She slowly got to her knees with wide eyes ready for excitement that quickly turned to terror. Each episode is basically a personalized nightmare for the whore. Sometimes you have to swim in dark waters to reach the real used up ones. Arianna has limited life experience so her buttons were closer to the surface. It was a pleasure to bring her into the deeper waters of life. Red even asked her if she was in "The Zone," and she replied "Yes." Then he gave her 2 hard smacks 'cause she was ready, and at a higher level of sex. Not many people on the planet experience sex at such a high level. In the hands of the master craftsmen, she reached Sexual Enlightenment. She will never be the same and is better for it... ENJOY my friends.

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